2008 York Halloween Parade Wrap Up

November 3, 2007

2007 York Halloween Parade Sunday, October 28th, greeted us with beautiful skies, mild temps, and a brisk breeze. What better conditions could we have asked for, for our last major event of the season? As seven GTOs, classic and new gen, gathered at the York Expo center, we prepared for our second showing at this popular event. After lining up, we waited, and waited, and then waited some more. At about 3:30, we were finally underway. As before, we circled the perimeter road of the Expo Center before rolling out onto the streets of York for the big show. The parade moved along at a little better pace than last year, so we were able to keep moving, albeit, at a snails pace. The crowd was again very receptive to seeing all the Goats parading down the street. As we passed by the Comcast cameras, we started to light em up to the raucous encouragement from the crowd. Unfortunately, York’s finest did not seem as forgiving as last year, and promptly scolded all of us, with threats to pull us from the parade. That being the case, we tucked out tiger tails between our legs and proceeded quietly along the rest of the parade route. The crowds lining Market Street we very grateful to see all of these beautiful works of rolling Pontiac art, and signified their approval with many rounds of applause, thumbs up, and approving comments. So, as we continued through the length of the parade, showing off our pride and joy, the smiles were plenty, inside the cars, and out. After the parade, most of us gathered at Fuddrucker’s for some well earned food and drink. As we all left for the evening to retire, fond memories of the York Halloween Parade live on in our minds, and in the minds of those who enjoyed our second showing. 

Though we didn’t place for a trophy this year, we still faced the streets of York with Pontiac Pride!

See some photos from the parade here: CLICK


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