The Susquehanna Valley GTO Tigers was formed in 1995, in York, Pennsylvania, by a group of local GTO enthusiast looking to share knowledge and commraderie with other like minded motor heads.

As a regional chapter of the GTOAA, the SVGTO Tigers grew in it’s membership as the club became more well known, both locally, regionally, and nationally. The breadth of the club now reaches outside the confines of York County to such areas as Hagerstown, Md, Exton, Pa, and Newville, Pa. The club has grown into a truly regional club. 

Attending shows and cruise functions the club’s exposure allowed it to grow.

The club currently has 46 active members with a diverse collection of cars and owners. Classic GTOs mingle with New Generation GTOs at club functions and shows. Currently the ratio is about 60/40, classic vs. new gen.

Membership in the club does not require ownership of a GTO, or any Pontiac for that matter, just an apprieciation of the history of what these great cars represent in the whole of the American Muscle Car era.

Club sponsored or organized events are planned throughout the show/cruise season every year, such as cruises, shows, parades, sightseeing cruises, and the annual club picnic and holiday party.



  1. Hi my name is Marie Price and my Relay for Life team and the Delco Cruisers are having 2 cars shows, one in April and one in September, to raise money for the American Cancer Society. I lost my mom in 1998 to Ovarian Cancer and since then I have tried to do everything possible to raise money. So I am combining two things that mean a something to me, raising money to fight cancer and cars. So if you could please post these 2 shows on your website I would be very grateful. Thank you so much for your time. Please contact me and I will email you the forms. Thanks.

  2. Hi

    Would members of your group be interested in being sure they have the right insurance for their classic cars? I would love the opportunity to send out some brochures, and key chains to club if you are interested. The brochures would highlight one of the many insurance companies we represent Classic Collectors, they understand the special values involved in car restorations and insure vehicles at “agreed value”.

    Let me know if you are interested in receiving this information I am sure it could help out some of your members.

    Best Wishes

    Shawn Russell

    E.K. McConkey

  3. Hello,

    A friend of mine passed away and left behind a 1957 chevy 4 wheel drive pickup truck that was in the process of being refurbished. I haven’t had any luck selling it on ebay motors. So I decided to look up a car club on the net and that’s how I found you. I need some advise, help, suggestions..etc. How can I sell this item in the condition it is in? I don’t have the funds or the talent to complete it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Good evening GTO nuts! My name is Nick and I am writing in to ask your support.We all know GM cancelled Pontiac.We are seeking for GM to reverse their decision and have Pontiac reinstated!Sounds like a foolish cause,but we like being the underdog.And isn’t Pontiac worth fighting for?Will you please join us and throw your support behind this last ditch effort?We kindly ask that all your members take just two minutes to write GM and ask to have Pontiac come back.This is the address: General Motors Corp.,Attn:Mr.Fritz Henderson CEO, P.O.Box 33170, Detroit,Michigan 48232. We are all Pontiac fans – shouldn’t GM know how WE feel about their decision?And shouldn’t the workers who build Pontiacs be able to provide for their families?Others are getting involved, and remember,there is strength in numbers.Let the tiger go out with a roar and not a whimper!We greatly appreciate any help you can give.Thanks for taking the time to read my letter. Take care.Sincerely,Nick S.

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