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2008 York Halloween Parade Wrap Up

November 3, 2007

2007 York Halloween Parade Sunday, October 28th, greeted us with beautiful skies, mild temps, and a brisk breeze. What better conditions could we have asked for, for our last major event of the season? As seven GTOs, classic and new gen, gathered at the York Expo center, we prepared for our second showing at this popular event. After lining up, we waited, and waited, and then waited some more. At about 3:30, we were finally underway. As before, we circled the perimeter road of the Expo Center before rolling out onto the streets of York for the big show. The parade moved along at a little better pace than last year, so we were able to keep moving, albeit, at a snails pace. The crowd was again very receptive to seeing all the Goats parading down the street. As we passed by the Comcast cameras, we started to light em up to the raucous encouragement from the crowd. Unfortunately, York’s finest did not seem as forgiving as last year, and promptly scolded all of us, with threats to pull us from the parade. That being the case, we tucked out tiger tails between our legs and proceeded quietly along the rest of the parade route. The crowds lining Market Street we very grateful to see all of these beautiful works of rolling Pontiac art, and signified their approval with many rounds of applause, thumbs up, and approving comments. So, as we continued through the length of the parade, showing off our pride and joy, the smiles were plenty, inside the cars, and out. After the parade, most of us gathered at Fuddrucker’s for some well earned food and drink. As we all left for the evening to retire, fond memories of the York Halloween Parade live on in our minds, and in the minds of those who enjoyed our second showing. 

Though we didn’t place for a trophy this year, we still faced the streets of York with Pontiac Pride!

See some photos from the parade here: CLICK


SVGTO/Freysinger All Pontiac Show Wrap Up

September 18, 2007

SVGTO/Freysinger Pontiac All Pontiac Show The SVGTO All Pontiac Show is now in the club archives.Saturday, September 15th, 2007 turned out to be a better day for a car show than anyone could have hoped for. The morning started off with questionable skies, but by first light, the rain had cleared and the cool breeze was drying out the roads nicely.Doug arrived at Freysinger’s about 7:30 to begin the set up. The staff at the dealership had graciously cleared the lot for our show, so that was one less thing we needed to do. Much to our surprise, they had also set up a portable signboard to welcome us.As the GTOs began to arrive, we set up registration tables and hung our club banner. The majority of the cars began to arrive between 8 and 10, and by noon there was a show field of 27 cars, shined up and ready for inspection. Though the show heavily favored GTOs, other Pontiacs took spaces on the show field, from Grand Prix, LeMans, G6 and a beautiful 55 Catalina.Capital Concessions was on hand to keep the hungry well fed. I would like to personally thank Lou Pirnik for providing the food. As the day continued, all the entrants inspected the cars and cast their ballots for the winners. There were plenty of onlookers who stopped by to peruse the beautiful Pontiac hardware on display. The staff of Freysinger Pontiac spent plenty of time inspecting the goods, some of which may have originally been purchased there.Millard Freysinger, the owner of the dealership and his staff were on hand to choose the Dealer’s Choice Award winner. Bob Reigel and John Maddux provided live music, which kept everyone entertained.

With all the ballots in the box, we set about to tabulate the winners.

The winners are as follows: (click each for photo)

Brent Lehman 69 GTO Judge – Dealer’s Choice

10 Best Winner’s

Brent Lehman 69 GTO Judge

Joe Frattarolli 66 GTO Custom

Clayton Miller 06 Pontiac G6

John Maddux 68 GTO

Kyle Miller 05 Cyclone Grey GTO

Matt Natale 05 Torrid Red GTO

Rich Slarb 67 GTO

Ron Green 55 Catalina

Russ Esenwine 70 GTO

Ron Frye 06 Brazen Orange GTO (no photo)

About 2:30, we began the awards presentation. Doug opened the presentation by thanking all those who participated in the organization and participation of the event. Marion Anderson was on hand to thank everyone and the club for our support.The awards were presented to all the winners and photos of the winner’s cars were taken so I could print them on their award certificates.Brent Lehman’s stunning 69 GTO Judge was given the Dealer’s Choice award by a wide margin. Brent literally completed the restoration the night before the show and all those attending rewarded his efforts. Joe Frattarolli’s customized 66 GTO was a close second. This car had to be seen to believe. The level of detail was amazing.After the award’s presentation, we drew the 50/50 raffle drawing. The winner of the drawing took home $70. Coincidentally, the Freysinger dealership, this year, is celebrating it’s 70th year in business.The show raised $200 dollars for MJ Anderson Loving Care Inc. As the day wound down, the cars were packed up, the show area cleaned up, and all the Pontiacs began to filter out and go home. Though we would have liked to see a larger crowd, it turned out to be a very successful show. Had it not been for the rainy morning, I’m sure we would have had a bigger turn out.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big Thank You from all of us at the Susquehanna Valley GTO Tigers! 

 Click Here for all the pictures from the show.


September 2007 Newsletter

September 6, 2007

September 2007 Newsletter