Gettysburg Battlefield Cruise Wrap Up

Gettysburg Battlefield Cruise 

Another fine day greeted the goat heard for the SVGTO Gettysburg Battlefield Cruise. Six GTOs and there owners showed up on Saturday, October 6th, for the first cruise in this location. The weather was again, perfect. The SVGTO Tigers have truly been blessed this year with a near perfect score for weather. Meeting at the info center at high noon, we greeted each other, had a short driver’s meeting and we were off. Cruising through Gettysburg proved to be a challenge, but as we entered the battlefield, it was all good. We were able to regroup and travel in the GTO train for the rest of the cruise. The battlefield is a beautiful and solemn place, where the freedoms that we all have were fought and paid for with thousands of sacrificed lives. You can’t fathom the depth of commitment that these brave soldiers had to preserve our fledgling country.  As we cruised around the site, we were able to marvel at the assortment of monuments and memorials to our fallen soldiers. A short detour took us to the Covered Bridge for some leg stretching and photo ops. I was amazing that this bridge had been carried down river by a savage storm, and was brought back and restored to it’s original glory. Continuing the tour, we toured the grounds and stopped at the beautiful Pennsylvania memorial, the largest and most elaborate monument in the park. As we left the park, we made our way to the Pike Restaurant for some good food, and spirited conversation.As the day ended, we all headed home, with more goat filled memories to share with our family and friends.  

See photos of the cruise here: CLICK


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